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We are always in the process of choosing that which we believe is better and avoiding that which we believe is worse. If you were to go to your favorite store, you would get there by the best route you know, then you would pick the parking space that is best for you. You would proceed to select the item that you desire and you believe is best: the food is not bruised, the package is unopened, or the value is somehow better. Then you proceed to pay for that food by waiting in the line that you see is best. We are constantly choosing that which we believe is best and avoiding that which we believe is worse. And God has created us to be a valuing people (i.e., choosing the best) who value rightly by valuing Him supremely. 

This site is a means to that end. There is no way in which I sense I must add to the value of God; only make it as apparent I as I can through His help and grace. My preaching, counseling, teaching, and personal ministry are all seasoned with the flavor of the ‘betterness’ of God and bidding others to come and participate in that supreme value. From that vein, you will find videos, sermons, and articles that will help shape you and grow you, in Christ, as you come to a more robust understanding that God is better.

As for me, I am working on my PhD in Biblical Counseling at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, hold a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from The Master’s University in California, and serve as the Director of Graduate Studies at The Master’s University. Me and my wife, Amber, are both native Southerners, despite our world-travels. I hold a BA in Pastoral Ministry from Baptist Bible College and am a certified counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (biblicalcounseling.org). Amber and I also have two wonderful sons, Finn and Zane.

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