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2017 CDT Laguna Hills

Greg E. Gifford, PhD, CBC



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The Call to All Christians:

Books that were referenced Competent to Counsel by Jay Adams, Theology of Biblical Counseling by Heath Lambert

Counseling Is An Every Member Ministry (Student’s Outline)


How Does Change Happen?

Books Referenced: Transformed into His Likeness;    How does change happen (Student’s Outline)

Assigning Instruction and Giving Homework

Books/Resources Referenced: Homework Manual for Biblical Living vols. 1-3 by Wayne Mack, Instruction and Homework (Student Outline)

Also see: “Counselor Resource Center” by Tim Bryant (lcbcc.org) and Counseling: How to Counsel Biblically Edited by John Macarthur,



"God may be looked upon in an absolute consideration, as he is in himself the best and most excellent being, wherein we behold the concurrence of all perfections, the most amiable and beauteous excellences, to an intellectual eye, that it can have an apprehension of." --John Howe, On Delighting in God
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